Welcome Isopharm Algerie

Isopharm Algerie Laboratories Ltd., founded in 1996 by two pharmacists, licensed by the Ministry of Health and Population, dated October 13, 1997, and certified GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards according to the WHO (World Organization of Health), dated October 13, 1997.; 56 people Uses: pharmacists, doctors, veterinary doctors, engineers,

On a plot of 5500m , the structure of Isopharm Algeria has two buildings:
-- Technique (1200m on 04 levels)-Total: 4800m --
-- Administration (300m on 02 levels)-Total: 600m --
-- Share capital: 160,000,000 DA

As part of its ongoing development and to meet the needs of the domestic market, ISOPHARM-ALGERIE Laboratories Ltd. have as investment project, the expansion of their production unit liquid forms, and the project started manufacturing forms dry.


 Pharmacists, Doctors, Vets and engineers in several specialties, the young and dynamic management team, deployed all its capabilities in order to ensure sound management of work, provided by a team serious and motivated.
The material used is the most sophisticated, the team has been specially trained to provide working professionals.